Saturday, October 08, 2005

Can one be "ILL-KEMPT?"

We all know the term "ill-fated." The Titantic was ill-fated. Howard Dean's campaign was ill-fated (and to some, a real scream).

We know what it means for someone (or perhaps something) to be unkempt, as in Einstein's hair-do. But is there a hair-don't? One can have a bad-hair day, but is that hair-don't? Is bed-head a hair-don't?

If Einstein's hair was unkempt, is Trent Lott's hair, then, kempt? Is Jack Kemp's hair kempt?

Does reading this make you verklempt?

And does reading an entry that uses the names of Einstein and Trent Lott in one place, as well as a little Yiddish in the item, make you want to just plotz?

Is this a plot to get you to plotz?