Friday, October 07, 2005


Should I rename this blog? What to call it? Dean's Really Silly Blog? DeanLand tries out Goooooogle Adsense? A Yuk A Day?

How about: DeanLand/Is There Any Money In an Inane Blog

Or maybe we should get truly sardonic, and call it: DeanLand Discusses The Meaning of Life.

Hmm, doing this when "money changes everything" and unsettling thoughts are going 'round my head about how money is the metric by which many people measure personal value. Getting the value construct confused with the human thing.


But, then again, if a boatload of money were to befall me, I 'd certainly welcome it. So please, do your part . . . go ahead: click on a blog ad. Even the public service ones, they deserve it as well. I thank you, as do, I trust, the people and institutions behind the public service ones.

Your thoughts?